How do I create those Modern UI tiles in SharePoint 2013 (preview) ?


Everybody noticed the new metro modern UI tiles when you open a new team site,  however the main question is…

How do I create my own tiles?

Step by step: How do I create Modern UI tiles on my team site?


  • Navigate to the site content page
  • Add a new App
  • Select the promoted links App and press Create


  • Notice that the view is called tiles.aspx, but allitems.aspx is still available.
  • Add a new item and pressSave.
  • Each new listitem in the promoted links list represents a tile in the list
  • Add this list as a webpart to your homepage


No custom coding, no copy paste of html.. nothing so easy as creating a list based on the promoted links template and receiving everything out-of-the-box!

Hope it helps!


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