This post gives you a brief overview of the spPageContextInfo object properties and how it can help you while developing SharePoint 2013 apps.

Please keep in mind that this is based on the Technical Preview…

If you create your own app in SharePoint 2013, you can make use of the _spPageContextInfo object that is provided when your app is loaded.

for example:

//Get the relative URL for the current SPWeb
var urlWeb = _spPageContextInfo.webServerRelativeUrl;

The following screenshot show you the properties and their values for the spPageContextInfo object in my app:

hope it helps!


PS: The object already existed in SharePoint 2010:

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How do I create those Modern UI tiles in SharePoint 2013 (preview) ?


Everybody noticed the new metro modern UI tiles when you open a new team site,  however the main question is…

How do I create my own tiles?

Step by step: How do I create Modern UI tiles on my team site?


  • Navigate to the site content page
  • Add a new App
  • Select the promoted links App and press Create


  • Notice that the view is called tiles.aspx, but allitems.aspx is still available.
  • Add a new item and pressSave.
  • Each new listitem in the promoted links list represents a tile in the list
  • Add this list as a webpart to your homepage


No custom coding, no copy paste of html.. nothing so easy as creating a list based on the promoted links template and receiving everything out-of-the-box!

Hope it helps!


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