Community Day 2011 – Great Success!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the wide context of this day. From the people who are working in specific user groups, gold and silver sponsors as everyone who attended today and went home with a bag filled with gadgets.

As tradition demands, the day started with an official welcome note and a small movie where several people on the streets were interviewed regarding their OS and office versions…
I filmed the intro with my phone, I’ll try to upload it as soon as….

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The first session I attended was about rabbits (web applications) in the cloud delivered by Yves Goeleven (azug), he explained how the Windows Azure Platform can provide large scale possibilities to applications. The main thing I remembered from his presentation was…Make your application self-explainable with a intuitive UI and Self-service applications. This is something that, in my opinion, SharePoint consultants also should keep in mind while creating end-user solutions.
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Than as a proud amateur WP7 evangelist, I had to attend the mango session… BEsug explained the new options that are available for developers like (acceleration and GEO location) and Silverlight 4 controls. Not a word regarding the custom ringtone possibility, am I the only one who is looking forward to this?

The lunch break was a real success, I loved it! We received coupons in the morning while checking-in and for those we received very tasty Chinese food!!!
I must say that the amount of free coffee I drunk today was maybe not legal anymore :)

After the lunch we attended the claims based session (nice VIP room btw) by joris poelmans (biwug), he demystified the fog around claims based authentication within SharePoint And some people in the room were a little bit to demystified and confused authentication with the user profiler service… At the same time twitter (#comdaybe) was buzzing about a mysterious sleeping/snoring person in another room :)

Afterwards we watched the SharePoint best practices session which was an explanation of the SharePoint Patterns and Practices (… He summerized how to use the SharePoint Service Locator, the repository and model-view-presenter pattern and at the end he demonstrated the mvvm pattern by using new knockoutjs library.

We enjoyed a very tasty ice cream provided by our friends from Combell

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The last session was about SharePoint governance and the pitfalls we can might fall in while analyzing or implementing new SharePoint projects, in my opinion, one of the most interesting presentations I’ve seen this year… Thanks Patrick!

Afterwards a colleague of mine showed us a very nice restaurant in the inner city of Mechelen, the perfect ending of an interesting day!

Hope to see you all next year or sooner!!!!!


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