SharePoint Online – The following users do not have email address specified when creating an alert for other users


Scenario: You try to specify an alert for another user in SharePoint Online, but you receive a message stating:

“Sorry, something went wrong
The following users do not have e-mail addresses specified: ***
Alerts have been created successfully but these users will not receive notifications until valid e-mail or mobile addresses have been provided.”

Work email addresses blank for users not using Exchange Online or DirSync

If you are not using Exchange Online it is expected that the work email address is blank in the SharePoint Online directory (SPODS) and so the property will need to be populated via other means. KB 2650135 discusses the scenario and the manual option.

Most commonly DirSync is used in this scenario to make sure your on-prem AD is in sync with what is in Office 365. If DirSync is not in use or not an option, the next plan is to have the users manually populate the data themselves, write up a script to populate the data with web services, or a combination of the two. The challenge here is to ensure that the data and user experience is consistent.

To resolve this issue, configure SharePoint Online to enable users to configure their email address within their My Site profile and configure the changes to replicate to the sites. As a Global Administrator for the Office 365 service, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the Office 365 portal at
  2. Click the Admin link at the top of the window, and then SharePoint.
  3. In the SharePoint admin center, click user profiles.
  4. Under the People section, click Manage User Properties.
  5. Locate the Work email property name and rest the mouse pointer over the property.
  6. Click the drop-down arrow, and then click Edit.
  7. In the Edit Settings section, select the option next to the Allow users to edit values for this property setting.
  8. In the Policy Settings section, click the check box next to Replicable.Note The Replicable setting is necessary to make sure that the properties are propagated to all site collections within the organization.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click OK.

Users can now edit their My Site profile to configure the Work email field as needed. This is the address where SharePoint alerts will be sent for the user.

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