Ultimate diagnostic JSLink script

My friend Elio Struyf launched the Ultimate diagnostic display template on the last SharePoint Saturday, so why not follow his example for the new awesome JSLink feature added in SharePoint 2013.

You can modify the UI of SharePoint 2013 lists by only using JavaScript, but what if you do not know the correct internal names?The following script can be used to render the properties and the values of the current item.

Based on this information, you can optimize your jslink script to render the data in the format you want.

Hope it helps!

function ShowAllProperties(ctx) {
    var url = ctx.CurrentItem;
    var html = "<table>";
    for (att in url) {
            html += "<tr>"
            html += "<td>"+att+"</td><td>" + url[att]+"</td>";
            html += "</tr>"
    return html;

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