VIDEO : What are apps for SharePoint?

Apps are small, easy-to-use, stand-alone applications that solve a need for your users or business.

Site owners can install, upgrade, and uninstall them on their SharePoint sites without farm or site collection admins.


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How to create charts from SharePoint 2013 lists via SharePoint Apps

A colleague (Koen Zomers) pointed me towards a very interesting Javascript library called jchartfx to render client side charts.

The following SharePoint Hosted App allows you to add an App Part on any page and use another list within the same web to display the data in a graph.jchart_overview


By simply changing the Chart Type in the App Part Properties you can change the rendering of the Graph.


Step 1: Create SharePoint Hosted App

I would strongly recommend following this excellent article on MSDN.

Step 2: Use the cross domain library to retrieve information from the host Web

In order to retrieve information from the host web we need to set the appmanifest permissions so that our app is allowed to read list items from the SharePoint web where we install our app.

Step 3: Provision the required jChartFX libraries

Koen pointed me to the Getting Started section of the JChartFX site and I used this demo to get started.

Step 4: Create App Part

Code examples

Hope it helps!

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Using JSLink property of the XsltListViewWebPart to control the rendering of a list, listitem & field

Creating the UI of a SharePoint list has been a challenge in the past. We needed SharePoint Designer, XSLT or custom webparts in order to take control of the presentation of our data in SharePoint lists

In SharePoint 2013 you are in control with no impact on the infrastructure of the farm.

The following steps make it very easy for you to control the UI:

  1. Create a new custom list
  2. Add a new column called “Score”newfield
  3. Add multiple items with different scores (These values are only for demonstration purposes)defaultview
  4. Navigate to the gear icon in the upper right corner and press edit page
  5. Edit the web part properties and locate the propertie JSLink at the bottom
  6. provide the following link: ~site/siteassets/jslink.jsjslink
  7. Press OK
  8. Upload the attached jslink.js file to the site assets library
  9. Open the custom list you created and notice the KPI’s.kpi

What if you do not want to take control over a field, but you really want to change the presentation of the entire item?

By modifying the jslink.js, it is possible to provide a render method that will take control over the UI of the item. The following screenshot show you the result when you loop over the attributes of the ctx.CurrentItem object.
Check out the LoopOverAllVars script to see the source.allvars

In our scenario it would be possible to create another view called executive summary and visualize the data like thisitemcontrol

It depends on the customer’s requirements how the information need to be displayed, but I think this technique is very efficient!

Hope it helps!

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Introducing: The SharePoint and VBA Code Analyzer

Learn about a tool that analyzes your SharePoint full-trust code solutions and Office add-ins and macros to help you redesign them for the app model. Security is important to us—your code remains private while using the tool.


Hope it helps!

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