Starting Windows 8 Development – How do I implement the AppBar?

From MSDN:

Use the app bar

An example app window for a Metro style app, showing the app bar.

Use the app bar to display commands to users on-demand. The app bar shows commands relevant to the user’s context, usually the current page, or the current selection.

The app bar is not visible by default. It appears when a user swipes a finger from the top or bottom edge of the screen. The app bar can also appear programmatically on object selection or on right click.

The app bar is transient, going away after the user taps a command, taps the app canvas, or repeats the swipe gesture. If needed, you can keep the app bar visible to ease multi-select scenarios.

By using the Cheat Sheet you know that the short key for the app bar is windows  + z


On the page you would like to provide an app bar, add the following code

Don’t forget to uncomment the SaveAppBarButtonStyle resource in the StandardStyles.Xaml file, which is located in the Common folder.

More detailed XAML example can be found here:
XAML AppBar control sample


Q: How do I know what icons are available in the app bar?

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