SharePoint 2010 – The Performance Guide – Part 1 – Why is performance important?

  1. Why is performance important?
  2. SharePoint out of the box performance boosters
  3. Track bottlenecks while using the SharePoint Developer Dashboard
  4. Track bottlenecks while using firebug
  5. Track bottlenecks while using Ants Performance Profiler
  6. SharePoint API considerations and best practices

Why is performance important?

The success of the web performance movement shows that there is increasing interest and value in fast websites. That faster websites lead to more revenue and reduced costs is a well proven fact today. So being exceptionally fast is becoming the dogma for developing (SharePoint) web applications and solutions.

As we want to be exceptionally fast this means that our pages have to load in less than two seconds (based on forrester research) to exceed user expectations. If we want to apply this rule of thumb, we need to ask ourselves:
How can we improve the performance of our SharePoint sites? 

A blog post called “The Importance of Website Performance” by Louis Lazaris contains a very nice summary of very good articles about why web site speed matters:

I hope this series can assist you while improving the performance of your SharePoint solutions!

Idea’s and comment are more than welcome,
Hope it helps!


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SharePoint 2010 - The Performance Guide - Part 1 - Why is performance important?, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings