BIWUG on SharePoint 2010 Multilingual Solutions (Variations) Deep Dive

BIWUG is announcing another session about SharePoint on Wednesday December 21th 2011 in the Microsoft Zaventem offices.
The topic of this evening will be SharePoint 2010 Multilingual Solutions (Variations) Deep Dive and it will close the Multilingual series.

Pascal Benois, SharePoint Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, will explain more than just variations. This session will cover level 400 topics on SharePoint 2010 Variations. The following topics will be covered: concepts and internals of variations (page vs. site variations), concepts and internals of configuration, variation Timer Jobs internals, different flavors of variations (automatic, manual, different site templates, same site templates, …), the “famous relationships list”, stsadm and PowerShell commands which assist variations, changes between 2007 and 2010.

Hope to see you there

Corporate Village – Bayreuth Building
Leonardo Da Vincilaan 3
Zaventem , 1935

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