Creating Business Intelligence Center site in SharePoint 2010 (step by step)

Business Intelligence is a broad field of study. The major thrust of business intelligence theory looks at certain factors to make high quality decisions. SharePoint 2010 has a complete suite of reporting features out of the box, this guide will help you getting started on using the out-of-the-box Business Intelligence Center template in SharePoint 2010… Comments are more than welcome!

1) Activate the PerformancePoint Service in Central Administration

2) Create the PerformancePoint Service Application and make sure that your State Service is also created

3) Navigate to your site collection features page

4) Activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure, in the onet.xml file for this template there is a requirement to the this site collection feature

5) Activate the PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features. This is needed because the template has a VisibilityFeatureDependency attribute which is set to the unique id of this site collection feature (A1CB5B7F-E5E9-421B-915F-BF519B0760EF)

6) By doing so you will notice that the Business Intelligence Center template is available in the enterprise tab
7) Create a new site from this template

If everything is configured correctly your Business Intelligence Center site is created and ready to be configured.

Possible errors:
This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service. For more information, contact your server administrator.
Please check your Service Applications page in central administration, it seems like the State Service is not configured. You can create the State Service by using the configuration wizard.

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