BCS & Search: There are no external data sources to choose from

When I created a new contentsource for my SharePoint Search.

I received “There are no external data sources to choose from” message, which means no search for me….

The solution was quite simple:

The ShowInSearchUI property was already set on my LobSystemInstance, but what I also needed was another property called RootFinder – System.String – x ( thank you chack for clearing this out ). After setting this custom property to my search method instance and cleaning out my BCS application service database by using this post …It worked like a charm!

Requirements to make BCS searchable:
1) IdEnumerator method
2) ShowInSearchUI property
3) RootFinder property
4) Correct permission set to the BDC model (Central Administration View External Content Types)

This was the winning combination for me, but keep in mind that at this moment I'm still working with beta2…

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