External list and client object model: The given key was not present in the dictionary

While using the client object model in order to retrieve the list data from an external list, you may receive this exception while calling the load method:
The given key was not present in the dictionary

It seems that you need to keep some rules in account:
1) Specify the method name in the camlQuery
2) Specify the fields that are used in the external list in the camlQuery
3) Specify the fields again but in the Load method of the ClientContext object

C# and Javascript examples:

Rowlimit not working
I specified the rowlimit to 30 ,as you can see in my c# example, but this atribute is ignored. If you want to limit the returned items to let's say 30 you need to use the Take(30) Linq Method after the Include() method. In the Javascript example, this is not as easy as it seems. I'm stil searching for a solution, someone a hint?

Retrieving the Fieldrefs and the Method name
Koen Roos has posted the easiest way to retrieve the Fieldrefs attributes and the Method needed to retrieve the items from the external by using SharePoint Designer.

Technet Question
http://social.technet.microsoft.com/For … 70208af4d6

Good luck!

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Creating Business Intelligence Center site in SharePoint 2010 (step by step)

Business Intelligence is a broad field of study. The major thrust of business intelligence theory looks at certain factors to make high quality decisions. SharePoint 2010 has a complete suite of reporting features out of the box, this guide will help you getting started on using the out-of-the-box Business Intelligence Center template in SharePoint 2010… Comments are more than welcome!

1) Activate the PerformancePoint Service in Central Administration

2) Create the PerformancePoint Service Application and make sure that your State Service is also created

3) Navigate to your site collection features page

4) Activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure, in the onet.xml file for this template there is a requirement to the this site collection feature

5) Activate the PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features. This is needed because the template has a VisibilityFeatureDependency attribute which is set to the unique id of this site collection feature (A1CB5B7F-E5E9-421B-915F-BF519B0760EF)

6) By doing so you will notice that the Business Intelligence Center template is available in the enterprise tab
7) Create a new site from this template

If everything is configured correctly your Business Intelligence Center site is created and ready to be configured.

Possible errors:
This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service. For more information, contact your server administrator.
Please check your Service Applications page in central administration, it seems like the State Service is not configured. You can create the State Service by using the configuration wizard.

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Remote deskop and dual screen

You're never to old (or young) to learn something

Today I heard something about “Use all my monitors for the remote session” and it immediately caught my attention.. was this true? I always thought that dual screen was not supported in remote desktop… I thought wrong!

When you create a remote desktop shortcut on your desktop, click on it with your right mouse and open edit. You'll notice that in the display tab there is a check box called “Use all my monitors for the remote session”, check it and press save. Connect to your server using this remote desktop shortcut.

This is very welcome while developping in Visual Studio 2010, now we as SharePoint geeks can benefit from the power of the dual screen in VS 2010

PS: all hail to Pauwel D for pointing this out!

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BCS & Search: There are no external data sources to choose from

When I created a new contentsource for my SharePoint Search.

I received “There are no external data sources to choose from” message, which means no search for me….

The solution was quite simple:

The ShowInSearchUI property was already set on my LobSystemInstance, but what I also needed was another property called RootFinder – System.String – x ( thank you chack for clearing this out ). After setting this custom property to my search method instance and cleaning out my BCS application service database by using this post …It worked like a charm!

Requirements to make BCS searchable:
1) IdEnumerator method
2) ShowInSearchUI property
3) RootFinder property
4) Correct permission set to the BDC model (Central Administration View External Content Types)

This was the winning combination for me, but keep in mind that at this moment I'm still working with beta2…

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