Microsoft versus Belgian bandwidth limitations

Economy Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) has ordered an investigation into the data limits on Internet use in our country. Belgium is one of the few European countries where users are restricted by the providers in the download volume.

The investigation comes after a complaint by Microsoft. The download restrictions in our country provides problems for its online video rental service. Microsoft launched earlier this month the Zune video service. This allows users of the Xbox 360 game console films (whether in high definition) directly to their television stream. That will take much bandwidth from several hundred megabytes for simple movies to maximum 14 GB for a feature film in HD.

Since Belgacom and Telenet handles data limits, Microsoft complains that the Zune video rental service in Belgium can not fully develop.

“We await the report of this examination before we make further statements on this issue,” said spokesman Arne Van Den Driessche. (belga / SPS)

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