Visug report: Brad Abrams

Yesterday evening I attented an interesting session, with a lot of people, from Brad Abrams (Program Manager at Microsoft and author of the book Framework Design Guidelines ).

Most of the things he told were already known in a technical point of view, but what made it so interesting is the reason why some things are built in the .NET framework.

When to use a property in stead of a method, after all… A property is a method?!

When to use an extention method combined with a namespace and add overload methods to an interface or to manage dependencies?

Why shouldn't I define extension methods on the System.Object? 😉

And my favourite:
Do as little as possible now (but no less) to ensure room for extensibility in the future

How to achive the secret of great productivity?

did I get your attention?

Brad has provided us with the slides which can be downloaded from here

always nice to learn some new things :)

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