SQL Server Security

Paul S. Randal has written a very interesting article about SQL Server Security, most of you already know all the things he wrote, not? 😉

http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/maga … #id0100060


Physical Security
Network Security
Attack Surface Minimization
Service Accounts
Restricting Use of Administrator Privileges
SQL Injection
Disaster Recovery

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Windows 7 shortkeys

A quick summary of some key combinations in Windows 7:

Win+Home: Clear all but the active window
Win+Space: All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop
Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window
Win+Down arrow: Minimize the window/Restore the window if it's maximized
Win+Left/Right arrows: Dock the window to each side of the monitor (If you've got dual monitors, adding Shift to the mix (e.g., Win+Shift+Right arrow) will move the window to the adjacent monitor.)
Win+T: Focus and scroll through items on the taskbar.
Win+P: Adjust presentation settings for your display
Win+(+/-): Zoom in/out
Shift+Click a taskbar item: Open a new instance of that application

More information about these shortkeys can be found here

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