My presentation toolkit

The title is not 100% correct because I did not create these tools, but I use them and will use the last one everytime I give a presentation:

1. PowerPoint presenter view
In powerpoint 2007 there is a feature that enables you to display the presentation on the beamer and on your personal monitor you are able to see your notes, the time you are presenting and wat the next slides will be. It is a very nice feature and I recommend everyone to start using it.

Powerpoint 2007, under Slide Show there is a checkbox Use Presenter View, specify the correct output settings and hit F5.

2. ZOOMIT … 97434.aspx
This tool makes it much easier to zoom in on your screen, very handy when showing code examples or small settings dialogs.

3. A wireless mouse or presenter stick
You can walk around so you are more energetic. don't stay hidden behind your laptop. use the wireless mouse or other tools to navigate to the next slide.

4. Demo code shoud be ready before the presentation.
Nothing is so boring as someone who is developping his code online. the audience wants to know how it is done and what the result is. So create the examples upfront and put them somewhere safe.I used to put them in visual studio toolbox or in a content editor webpart in the webpart gallery but at techdays, Gill showed me something far more interesting.(see 5)

thanks Gill!

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Techdays 2009 : JQuery : Rethink SharePoint Customization slides and demo's

10/03/2009 – 12/03/2009, TechDays 2009 Belgium took place in Metropolis Antwerp.

I've delivered twice the presentation about Sharepoint combined with JQuery and a lot of people asked me if the presentation would be available online.So here it is:


Upload these webparts in you webpart gallery:

Copy paste these files in the layouts folder (\layouts\1033\SPAPI)
Javascript – Jquery + SPAPI

If you want to add the webparts to a page where the “edit page” menu in site actions is disabled, add &Toolpaneview=2 to the URL in the address bar.

that should be it.

if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

good luck!

PS: check out these sites: … -services/ … t.v1.0.pdf

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Techdays 2009 : JQuery : Rethink SharePoint Customization

This presentation offers a brief introduction on the possibilities of JQuery combined with SharePoint.

JQuery is the most popular JavaScript and Ajax framework with a large community. Using this powerful framework gives you new slick possibilities to extend and customize your SharePoint environment. Manipulate the static rendered code from SharePoint to create an animated custom navigation, create a custom form embedded as a SharePoint Web Part that enables the user to update list items asynchronously and much more. See you there?

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