JQuery and SharePoint – RIA

Today my new webpart is almost finished…

I'm proud to present a RIA webpart that enables SharePoint admins to provide a more graphical menu for the sharepoint navigation. It is implemented within a feature that enables you to add the webpart to your page from the webpart list.

When the webpart is added to your page the left navigation is instantly mirrored on the bottom of your page. Currently the webpart does not remove the left navigation.

I need to check before I can publish the webpart. Any comments are welcome.

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Use Javascript to connect SharePoint Webservice in Content editor webpart

Darren Johnstone created an interesting JavaScript API for SharePoint.

The following examples illustrate the use of the JavaScript API for SharePoint and Office Live. These examples are intended to demonstrate the core uses of the API for solution developers.
* Get the full definition of a list
* Get the full definition of a list and associated view
* Get the basic detail of all lists in a site
* Get the GUID of a list from it

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Announcing SPDisposeCheck tool for SharePoint Developers

the SPSite class and SPWeb class objects, are created as managed objects. However, these objects use unmanaged code and memory to perform the majority of their work.
The managed part of the object is small; the unmanaged part of the object is much larger.
Because the smaller managed part of the object does not put memory pressure on the garbage collector, the garbage collector does not release the object from memory in a timely manner.
The object's use of a large amount of unmanaged memory can cause some of the unusual behaviors described earlier.
Calling applications that work with IDisposable objects in Windows SharePoint Services must dispose of the objects when the applications finish using them. You should not rely on the garbage collector to release them from memory automatically

Best practice:

Dispose method
using clause
try, catch, and finally blocks

More information can be found at the SharePoint Best Practice Site

Microsoft SharePoint Team announced yesterday that
Microsoft wants to help developers build better quality code that manages available memory better. We are now building a console tool that will help to evaluate customer code against the guidance that is provided. The tool, called SPDisposeCheck, will open your custom compiled assemblies recursively and validate them against the Microsoft published guidance. The output from the tool will contain messages that may indicate the SPSite and SPWeb Dispose() methods guidance are not being followed in the customers source code. While these messages need expert evaluation in order to determine if the software is not performing properly, in some cases just running the tool on your custom code can lead you to simple fixes that improve the quality and performance of custom code on SharePoint.

This tool is planned for release during the coming North American Winter.
More information can be found at the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

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Create an InfoPath form containing lookup functionality to a SharePoint List

This is a guide for setting up an InfoPath form that will fill in other textboxes with data retrieved from a SharePoint list or library, this form will be published to a SharePoint form library in order to provide end users an easy way to fill in a form.

This solution is created by using InfoPath 2007 and MOSS 2007. This is a document created in order to help other SharePoint developers while they are creating InfoPath forms that need the same functionality.


1 Introduction
2 Auto Fill in Infopath formulier with ID from sharepoint list
3 Add a data connection that points to your SharePoint list
4 Add a rule to fill in the other controls
5 Finished

klik here to open the document

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How can I automate the update DLL update to the Global Assembly Cache?

First of all your dll needs to be signed.
Create a Batch file that contains these actions:

– remove previous version by using gacutil /u
– add the DLL to the GAC using gacutil.exe
– copy the pdb file to this location %systemroot%\assembly\gac_msil\\\.pdb
– open your SharePoint site
– attach your VS project to the w3wp.exe
– perform action and check if breakpoint get's hit.


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